Blackjack is one of the most popular games casinos worldwide. Online blackjack and casino blackjack have a massive following over the internet and Blackjack Secrets Casino is proud to be one of the most popular online casinos for online blackjack and casino blackjack. There are a number of games online blackjack gamers can play.

  • Vegas Blackjack with 20+ Bonus
  • Blackjack with Hot Streak Bonus
  • Double Attack Blackjack
  • European Blackjack – Players Suite
  • Multi Hand Blackjack – Players Suite


Casino blackjack is a simple game to play. Players are handed two cards by a casino croupier. In casino blackjack and online blackjack, players must obtain a score of 21. Numbered cards in casino blackjack are scored on their printed value while court cards are scored at a value of ten. In casino blackjack and online blackjack, an ace can either be scored as one or eleven depending on the other card handed to the player.

The aim of casino blackjack

Once they have been dealt their initial cards, players can decide to ‘hit’ or ‘stand’. Players who hit are given another card from the casino blackjack dealer. As long as the combined score of their casino blackjack cards remains below 21, they are still in the game and can request further cards. If they are dealt a card that takes them over this score, they are considered ‘bust’.

Standing in casino blackjack

If players decide to stand, the online blackjack dealer will begin drawing cards for the house. If the house total goes above 21, the house is considered bust and the player will win the game of casino blackjack or online blackjack. If the house obtains a casino blackjack score greater than that of the player, but equal to or under the score of 21, the house wins the game.


Because of its simplicity, casino blackjack is an exceptionally-popular online casino game. It is played by a wide variety of online blackjack gamers. Blackjack Secrets Casino is proud to offer an impressive portfolio of online blackjack games. Many of these online blackjack games are based on the traditional rules of casino blackjack. Some online blackjack games have been altered slightly to allow the player an advantage over the house. At Blackjack Secrets Casino, players can choose to play whichever type of casino blackjack game takes their fancy.


For beginners, playing blackjack is recommended over playing blackjack in a land-based casino. Land-based blackjack games are popular and many bricks and mortar casinos see multiple gamers playing blackjack around a single dealer. If you’re a beginner to playing blackjack, you may feel intimidated by these experienced gamers. Furthermore, playing blackjack in a land-based casino does not leave gamers with many opportunities to learn the game at their own pace.


Blackjack Secrets Casino has an impressive selection of online blackjack games. These titles fall into two distinct categories: traditional versions of online blackjack and modern varieties of the casino favourite.

Classic online blackjack games

There are a number of games which offer players a classic blackjack experience. These titles include Table Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack and Blackjack – Player’s Suite. Each game has a selection of exciting features which provides a complete casino blackjack experience:

  • Fantastic graphics – a number of online blackjack games include realistic graphics. These titles use state-of-the-art technology to create a convincing casino atmosphere. Online casino players will be shocked at how lifelike these games look.
  • Amazing audio features – there are a selection of amazing sound effects in these classic online blackjack games. Online casino members will hear the soft flutter of cards being dealt across the table and the authentic commentary from the casino croupier.
  • Traditional gameplay – online casino gamers can expect to find genuine blackjack play in these titles. For example, Table Blackjack offers a back-to-basics version of the card classic.

Modern online blackjack games

There are a number of modern online blackjack titles available at Blackjack Secrets Casino. These exciting games give the classic table favourite a modern twist. Online blackjack titles such as 21+3 Blackjack and Multi-Hand Blackjack With 1000x Bonus offer a range of innovative features which can produce massive payouts. These games have the following qualities:

  • Amazing payouts – modern online blackjack games give players the opportunity to win amazing cash prizes. These titles offer fantastic bonus wagers which can significantly increase awards.
  • State-of-the-art graphics – these online casino titles include advanced graphical features. Online blackjack players can see chips burst into flames in Blackjack With Hot Streak Bonus or electricity spark between cards in Power Blackjack.


Online blackjack is perfect for beginners. Blackjack Secrets Casino offers a number of online blackjack games ideal for new players. New gamers won’t have to play blackjack in a noisy, distracting casino and there is no limit to the amount of time online blackjack players can take when choosing whether to stand or hit.

Newcomers to playing blackjack should take some time to consider their decisions around the table. Gamers can learn the basic rules of online blackjack with Blackjack Secrets Casino. Free online blackjack titles allow players to enjoy the game at their own pace.


If you’re interested in learning the more in-depth strategies of blackjack, free online blackjack is the ideal tool. Many experienced online blackjack players understand the optimum strategy of blackjack – online blackjack tactics advising players when to stand or hit. More experienced online blackjack players can recall this strategy from memory. To learn online blackjack strategy takes practice. Free online blackjack at Blackjack Secrets Casino is the perfect way for gamers to become better players.


All of the online casino games at Blackjack Secrets can be played for free and players can practice a range of online casino titles without gaming for money. Whether online casino players are interested in enjoying a free spin of the roulette wheel or merely playing an exciting game of online slots, Blackjack Secrets Casino offers a series of titles that can be enjoyed for free.

Of course, blackjack is one of the most glamorous games at any casino – online or offline. Much like casino roulette, the game will forever be associated with suave, debonair characters such as James Bond, and has been used in exciting scenes in many great films.

Not everyone can star in their own action-packed Hollywood film, but they can sign up to Blackjack Secrets online casino and see if they have the wits, nerve and luck to keep their head and pick up a great prize.

But what would you do with the money? Spend it like Bond? You could pick up that dream sports car or even use it to finance that dream holiday. You could head to the Caribbean for a tropical break and soak up the sun, or just take a nice long break from work.

Either way, if you head for a session playing blackjack at Blackjack Secrets online casino, you could find your life completely transformed. Well, so long as you play your cards right!

So, all that stands in the way when it comes to winning a life-changing amount of money from Blackjack Secrets online casino is logging onto the Blackjack Secrets site, signing up for membership, depositing some money and trusting that the blackjack cards will fall in your favour!


Of course, blackjack isn’t the only casino game at Blackjack Secrets. Casino roulette has become a huge hit worldwide and is well worth trying out if you haven’t already. You’d be hard-pressed to find somebody who doesn’t know how roulette works, and even harder-pressed finding somebody who has never played this classic game!

For the uninitiated, here’s how it works: players bet on where they think a ball hurtling around a wheel marked with red and black numbers will land. They can bet on numerous combinations, whether it’s a gamble on the colour of the number it will fall on, whether it will be odd or even, or if it will stop in the first, second or third group of 12. Easy!

However, while there are plenty of straight 50/50 bets where you can double your money, the big prizes are earned by hedging your bets on certain numbers. For example, why not bet on red or black and stick a smaller amount on a couple of numbers? That way, you stand to win on the 50/50 bet and make a much bigger amount if one of your numbers comes in. Even if you don’t, your loss may be covered by the double-or-nothing wager you also made.

Roulette is a lot of fun and a great game to make some money on. Visit Blackjack Secrets Casino and check out one of the most popular casino titles out there today!


Casino blackjack is one of the most nerve-wracking games in our catalogue, and it really requires a good head for strategy. We’ve all heard the stories of geniuses who developed card counting techniques and were kicked out of the top casinos in Las Vegas; but if you’d rather not get in trouble, you can still pick up some great blackjack hints at Blackjack Secrets to help you with your own strategy.

If you’d rather play something a little less mentally draining, our range of online slots games could be for you. At the core of these games lies pure luck; all you need to do is cross your fingers and click ‘spin’! Of course, deciding how much to wager per line and per spin requires a cool head, and it might take a while to get to grips with the huge range of Wilds, free spins and other unique bonus slots games that could come your way. Luckily, we’ve put together comprehensive guides to all our online slots games, so you’ll soon be playing like an old hand.

In fact, the most difficult choice you’re likely to face in our online slots catalogue is which theme to go for. From Transformers robots to glamorous cats to sultry vampires, we’ve got it all! Of course, there is no wrong answer when it comes to choosing an online slots game – so it’s slightly less tense than the casino blackjack dilemma of Stick or Twist!